Miniature zebu are the only true breed of miniature cattle. They are not a man made breed, and have been around for thousands of years. Mini zebu are considered to be the smallest breed of cattle in the world.

Mini zebu are a very hardy breed, being especially tolerant of hot weather and insects. They seem to love laying out in the sun. They can also handle northern winters quite well, if they are provided adequate shelter. They don't like wet windy days, so need to have a place to escape this type of weather.

We think miniature zebu are the most beautiful breed of cattle in the world. All have humps, some larger than others. Even newborn calves normally have a small hump. Horns come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which add a lot of interest.

The picture above shows three black & white paint miniature zebu heifers that were added to my herd. The two on either side were sired by Diablo and the one in the center was sired by Bodacious.

My best buddy, Wolf, a solid black German Shephard was with me for 14 years, but has gone to her rest. She was the smartest dog I've ever had. I don't think it had anything to do with her being female??
Another picture of Wolf with a little mini zebu calf. They look more like fawns than calves at this age.
This picture has nothing to do with zebu, but I think it's a super picture of a couple of my buddies from years back. This pair of black Arabian horses show Raven on the right discouraging Midnight's advances. These beautiful horses were the prettiest I've ever owned. Raven had four even socks and a blaze. Midnight had three socks and a star.